Keap the Trial of Office Management Under Control


Running an office can sometimes seem like herding cats. Once you have one problem under control another pops up out of nowhere, almost seemingly multiplying the issues needing to be addressed.  That’s where Keap Trial can help keep those trials and tribulations organized and manageable.  Keap Pro office management automation software will do the office management work you don’t have enough time for, like doing repetitive tasks, handling paperwork and managing the job application process:



Make Routine Tasks More Efficient


Office management Automation can’t (and shouldn’t) replace every task performed by people. But it can improve repetitive processes that require the human touch, helping you and your staff members save time and stay organized.


For example, maybe you send a handwritten thank-you note to every new customer. In the end, the task can only be achieved with pen and paper. To get there, though, you can set up an automated process to help you complete and track the task.


When you apply a tag to a new customer, Keap Pro can issue a trial task reminder to write the note. Set up the reminder to pull the customer’s address from your contact records so you don’t have to look it up. Keap also helps you keap track of these tasks to ensure you didn’t miss anyone on your list.



Send and Receive Important Documents


Whether you’re sending contracts or collecting tax forms, documents play a critical role in many businesses. That doesn’t make them worthy of your time. Leave the paper-chasing to your software by setting up Keap trial automated processes.


Say you hired several contractors to launch a new project and need to collect their W-9 forms for your records. Apply a tag to each contact to tell the software whom to target with an automated email asking for the form to be completed and returned to you. Include a link to download the form on the Internal Revenue Service website.


When a completed form arrives in your inbox, make a note in the system so that Keap Pro knows that the contractor is off the hook. If the link goes unclicked, Keap will automatically follow up with reminders.



Collect Job Applications


You might not have big-company resources to facilitate the hiring process, like an online job portal or a human resources team. Simply collecting job applications via email could work perfectly well for your purposes. But until it’s time to review applications and schedule interviews, you don’t need to personally manage the process.


Employ Keap trial to automate the early tasks involved with hiring. On the webpage where you posted a job description, ask interested candidates to submit their names and contact information via a web form. When the form is completed, Keap sends an email asking the applicant to confirm his email address.


Once the email address is confirmed, the candidate is directed to a second web form, where he’s asked to write responses to a handful of preliminary interview questions about his strengths and work experience. At that point, Keap Pro calls in the boss, creating a task for you to review the application.


Besides saving time, an automated application process has another advantage. Sending one email to apply for a job is easy. Following this process is easy, too, but you might lose a few applicants along the way—and that’s OK. If candidates can’t follow a few simple directions, they’re probably not the people you want to hire.

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