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We’ve been discussing in the past few posts how customer service can make or break any business in any industry.  For example, focusing on the legal industry customer service can come in many forms since you could consider multiple parties your customers.  On one hand you have the client who would be considered your ‘true’ customer, but on the other hand you are also selling yourself to the court and world of public opinion.  In this final customer service post we will go over the final automation tips and tricks that Keap Service Pro software can help in not only the legal world, but in any business endeavor.

Retrieve Lost Passwords


If customers need a password to access areas of your website, it’s inevitable that they’ll forget it at some point. Locating passwords shouldn’t be the equivalent of digging through a lost-and-found bin. With automation software, the process takes only a moment.


To retrieve a password, a customer types her email address into a form on your website. The form syncs with her contact record, which includes a password field. The customer then receives an email containing her password, as well as a link to your login page. Once you’ve set up this automated sequence, she can forget her password as often as she’d like.

Remember every customer’s birthday.


With automation software, remembering birthdays is a piece of cake. But before you can send a birthday message, you need dates. Collect birthdays by sending an automated email asking, “Can I get your birthday on file so we can celebrate with you?” A link takes the customer to a web form. She enters her birthday, which the software adds to your contact records.


Then set up an automated sequence to send a birthday email on the big day (or perhaps a few days in advance if you’re including a time-sensitive offer). Use an email template with a bit of personalization:

 “Happy birthday, [First Name]!”

 Whether you’re sending a coupon or simply wishes for a good year ahead, your customer will be touched that you remembered.


Gain Social Media Followers


If you’re using social media (and you should be!) for your marketing efforts, you can use automation to beef up your followers. Whether you tweet every day, create a Facebook event every week, or pin like crazy to display your new products on Pinterest, social media platforms provide a great way to stay in front of customers without bombarding them with emails. But if a social media campaign is posted and no one sees it, did it even happen?


Gaining fans and followers on social media is almost effortless with automation software. Send customers an automated invitation to check out one of your social profiles: “Did you know that we post how-to videos on Facebook every week? Click here to check out our Facebook page.”


When a customer clicks the link, your software’s work is done. You can’t guarantee that customers will decide to “like” your page, but at least you’ve made them aware that your profile exists.


P.S. Add a P.S. to your email for the inevitable customers who don’t use social media: “If you aren’t on Facebook, could you please click here to let me know?” If the customer clicks the link, the software takes note so you don’t ask again in the future.



Hosting an event keeps you busy enough. Let automation handle some of the details, like registrations, confirmations and promotion.

Automate the event registration process

If you’re planning an event, your to-do list can easily grow into a to-do book. Focus on the big picture by automating some of the most time-consuming tasks of event planning: sign-ups, confirmations and reminders.


On your website, take RSVPs in the form of a ticket purchase or, for a free event, through a simple web form that collects the attendee’s name and email address. With automation software, the purchase or completed form triggers a confirmation email that includes a thank you for signing up, as well as key event details like the date and time, location and schedule. Having no-show nightmares? Schedule an automated email to be sent the week or day before the event as one more reminder.

Promote Facebook events

A Facebook event is a great way to share an event with your followers—and, ideally, for your followers to share the event with their followers. But creating a Facebook event isn’t an “if you build it, they will come” situation. Attracting attendees requires continuous promotion.


Drive more traffic to the event page by sending automated emails to your contacts. Make it personal:


“Hi [First Name],

We’d love for you to attend our upcoming event.”


Provide a brief description of the event, but save some details for the link to the Facebook page. Ask the reader to click to find out more. If she clicks, you might gain (at least) one more attendee. If she doesn’t click, try the last-minute approach by scheduling an automated email to be sent the day before the event.


Whether you are building a new legal business or refining an existing entity, Keap Service Pro automation software can help quell the difficulties of customer service flows.

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