Keap Pro Pricing

Keap Pro Pricing and Promocode

Keap Pro Pricing

Keap is a client relationship management software that helps people easily organize, manage, and reference customer information as well as capture leads. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) enables those people to automate sales, marketing, email marketing, and customer service with ease. Keap pro is a designated membership level of Keap’s CRM software.

Keap offers much more than what was previously stated but, we will dive into that later. The purpose of using a CRM such as Keap pro is to make obtaining new clients/customers and managing them easier and more time efficient within a business setting. Oftentimes small business owners can get caught up in the day-to-day chaos and may forget to follow up, reach out, or set up appointments with customers/clients which can result in lost business. Managing your customer relations is a crucial step in the growth stage of a business and can determine whether you will succeed or not. With Keap you will be able to choose which channel to communicate through with your clients. Channels such as phone calls, texts, and email, all of which can be monitored and tracked through the Keap CRM dashboard.

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Keap Reviews

While there are many CRM softwares out there, Keap has maintained a quality, competitive product where they find themselves immersed in positive reviews. Keap’s CRM software is advertised as “#1 ease of use” and has been voted by Business News Daily as the “Best CRM for ease of use”, voted by Constellation Research as “B2B marketing automation for small to mid-size business” and voted by as the “best marketing automation for beginning marketers or startups”.

But accolades don’t end there, G2, a well known website dedicated to providing insight into CRM software, project management software, accounting software, and Saas presents reviews on these softwares as well. Keap’s CRM software boasts a 4 star rating out of 5, with 1,156 reviews which dwarfs many other CRM softwares available today. Keap is also highly regarded within smaller online communities like facebook groups, subreddits, and youtube where you are able to find honest reviews and discussions.

Keap Pro Pricing and Features

Keap’s pro version of their CRM software greatly differs in the features and abilities available compared to their cheapest option, Keap Grow, which is more tailored to smaller businesses that are still in the process of establishing themselves. Keap pro is nearly identical to Keap max, their most expensive option. Keap Pro has a special TEXT feature where you can create a new business number and actually send texts straight from your Keap dashboard to your clients. I personally prefer Keap Pro – I belie

Keap pro is packed with features and tools perfect for a growing business where creating automated, repeatable sales processes and marketing campaigns will propel new growth. Keap pro is also equipped with all of the features Keap Grow has to offer and more, including the ability to build, manage, and track an automated sales campaign as well as a visualized sales pipeline with lead tracking. With the pro version you are able to create smart forms which can be placed on your website to gain potential customer information which is then directly imported into Keap where you are now able to follow up, or place them within your sales pipeline.

Upon signing up with Keap, you will gain access to one-on-one coaching with our agency, we are Keap Pro experts where they can provide daily training and personalized support. The goal of their expert coaching is to help you get up to and familiar with their software so you can begin collecting more leads, converting those leads, and make more sales in a shorter amount of time mitigating the effects of a natural learning curve. Imagine automating your entire email system, appointment booking, and invoicing system, so it captures and generates leads and profits for your business. Keap pro will handle 1000’s of hours of manual labor, all automated bringing in profits and new clients while you sleep. Sign up today by clicking on the link below.

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