Keap Pro Leads Coming


As mentioned in previous posts, if your business endeavor represents a body of work; then leads represent the energy to keep that body in motion.  In today’s competitive environment for nearly all industries, Keap Pro marketing automation can provide you with a steady flow of leads that take much of the hassle and archaic strategies used in the past like cold calling or analog prospecting. We are going to go through different strategies and that using the Keap Pro customer relationship management (CRM) can provide to gain and retain consistent leads and more importantly – save time:


Respond Immediately to an Email Contact Request

If the “contact us” email address listed on your website really means contact you, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by the number of emails awaiting your reply. And responding days later isn’t an option. Waiting even 30 minutes to make contact decreases your odds of qualifying a lead by 21 times, as compared to calling within five minutes, according to the Lead Response Management Study.


With automation software, you can respond immediately every time—without even having to think about it. Instead of taking requests via an email address, add a “contact us” form to your website. Automation platforms like Keap can give you the HTML code needed for your site.


When a prospect completes the form by entering her name, email address and comments, the automation software issues an email reply right away. The response is a pre-written template, but it can sound like you just fired it off.


“Hi, [First Name]!

Thank you for contacting us. I wanted to let you know that we received your note. Someone will be in touch shortly.”


Your potential customer will be glad that her “contact us” note didn’t disappear in an online black hole. Meanwhile, the software assigns you or a staff member to follow up with a phone call.


Assign Inbound Leads to a Sales Representative

Some people will always skip the “contact us” form and go straight for the phone. A phone chat is a great way to start building a relationship with a potential customer, but without a process in place for pursuing leads, opportunities can be missed once you hang up. Too often, phone call follow-ups are filled with good intention and poor execution.


With automation software, you can set up an internal form to be used when people call your main line. Enter the customer’s contact information, along with any relevant notes, before using a drop-down menu to assign a sales representative to follow up. The form alerts the sales rep to contact the new lead. Meanwhile, the software sends an automated introduction email from that sales rep to the potential customer.


When the introduction email is sent five minutes after the form is completed, it appears that the sales rep sprung into action after learning of the potential customer’s call. Your lead will be impressed by your customer service before the sales rep even starts working.


Keap Pro at Phone Tag

It’s easy to lose a game of phone tag when you’re busy running your business. Say you leave a voicemail for a potential customer, and he returns your call when you’re in a meeting. You make a note—in your mind, maybe on a Post-It note—to call him back when you return to your desk. But alas, voicemail again.


If the game continues, all while you’re chasing other players, you might eventually give up—either intentionally or because you were too busy to remember the call. That means you had a lead, and you lost it.


Keap score by establishing an automated process for returning phone calls. Using automation software, you can note in the system that you left a message for a contact. Doing so triggers an automatic email to him: “I just left you a voicemail. Sorry I missed you! If I don’t hear from you, I’ll follow up tomorrow.” The software then reminds you to make the call tomorrow, as promised, no Post-Its required. And no lost leads, either.

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