Keap Plans Customer Service (is Always Right)



Excellent Customer Service Planning and engagement takes time and effort, that’s undeniable.  To maintain excellent customer service and engagement consistently takes something more.  Automation in today’s environment allows you to address customers and clients with that certain advantage that provides more options. This not only provides consistency but allows you to provide the excellent customer service and engagement as you would if you had more time or resources. Today I am going to provide a few of the advantages you can utilize using Keap Pro Plans customer relationship management (CRM) to provide excellent (and consistent) Customer Service and Engagement.


Keap Plans Make It Easy for Customers to Ask for Help


There is nothing more intimidating as a customer than when you desperately need help addressing an issue. Nothing is more frustrating than a hard-to-find contact link or a slow-to-respond company. Six in ten consumers have decided against an intended purchase or business transaction because of poor customer service, according to a report prepared for American Express.  Keap Pro can provide the automation to Include a “contact us” link in every email to spare customers the task of locating it on your website. When a customer clicks the link, automation software tells a predetermined staff member to follow up. With a Keap plans, the customer receives a better, faster, and more personalized answer than they would have by contacting a general phone number or email address. With Keap, employee names can be added to a contact drop-down menu to ensure that tasks are routed to the appropriate people.


Send Appointment Reminders


How many missed customer service opportunities are lost simply because an appointment was overlooked? In our overscheduled world, everyone needs reminders about appointments—and reminders of reminders, too. Forgotten appointments translate to wasted time and money for your business, but you and your staff members can’t afford to spend hours playing personal assistant to each other or customers. With a Keap plans, customers can receive appointment reminders via email after you or a staff member completes a web form containing the customer’s name, email address and appointment date and time. The form prompts a sequence of emails: an appointment confirmation, followed by reminders in the days or hours prior to the appointment.

Along the way, a customer can ask to change or cancel an appointment by clicking a link within the email. That action alerts a staff member to follow up with the customer to reschedule. To take a step further, consider integrating your Keap Pro with an app like AppointmentCore, which syncs with Keap and Google Calendar. Using your business calendar, the app allows customers to view available times and book a slot—making the appointment process completely automated.


Gauge Customer Satisfaction


In the past it took a much longer time to figure out if you were providing good customer service or not, often by using manually surveys. Positive or negative, the results from a customer satisfaction survey can give you the information you need to improve your business, but that is not the end of it. If you found satisfaction, the next step was often to find out why the product resonated with them. Using a Keap plans, you can email a survey link to customers who recently made a purchase. Automate your follow-up accordingly. Set up Keap so that a negative response triggers a task to contact the customer via phone or email. Reaching out quickly can prevent further damage.

The majority of consumers give companies another chance after an initial poor customer service experience, but nearly 60 percent will switch companies after a second or third negative experience, according to a report prepared for American Express. If the response was positive, send an automated email to thank the customer and ask if she’s willing to tell you more about her experience. A story from a happy customer can be rewarding—and not just emotionally. A customer testimonial shared on your website (with permission, of course) can be a personal, powerful way to convey the value of your product or services.

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