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Keap Lead magnets can often act as a vector for providing information to potential leads.  Once incentive for a potential lead to be lucrative is to have them seek you out for a benefit. It should also provide just as much benefit for yourself in following through with that lead. Keap Lead magnets can consist of content, a freebie, experience, or valuable information. Today we will discuss free valuable lead magnets and continue to expand on more lead magnets in future articles. Here are five more free ideas for lead magnets to use in your business.


If only you could give a real-time presentation to customers outside your area or even across the world. With a webinar, you can. Webinars are an effective way to share a tutorial, presentation, or interview with an expert. This is valuable content people will find worth trading for an email address. After learning about you and your company through a webinar, prospects may be more ready and inclined to buy. This rings more true especially when you send follow-up content.

To learn webinar basics, download our “Guide to Hosting a Webinar.”

How to create it:

Use a platform like or GoToWebinar host a webinar with audio and screen-sharing.

Course/content series

If the information you want to share in your lead magnet would require thousands of words or hours of video, consider organizing the content into a course or series that’s easier and less overwhelming for your prospect to consume. Using automation software, you can automatically email content in installments over the course of days or weeks. Each installment can cover a different topic or become increasingly advanced.


It’s the bribe that works on practically everyone: an email address in exchange for a promo code. But beware: Some consumers might immediately cash in on the discount—only to unsubscribe from the very email in which it arrived, never to be heard from again. In that email containing the discount, be sure to explain what your future emails will entail (like exclusive offers or helpful tips) so that customers understand the value of staying on your list.

Learn how to create an email campaign for a limited-time offer in this guide, “Cash in a Flash: How to Manage a Flash Sale.”

How to create it:

You can use an e-commerce platform like Keap, create a promo code for a discount that can be applied to a specific product or to any product.

Free sample

Think of the ice cream shop employee standing on the sidewalk with a tray of free samples. Some people will grab one and continue down the street, but others will be drawn inside for more. Free samples can turn into sales, especially when you collect customers’ email addresses and follow up with an enticing offer when you know the sample is spent.

Contest entry

If you can’t afford to give a discount or freebie to everyone, give it to one lucky winner. Host a giveaway, entering those who provide an email address. You make the rules, so you might as well ask for more, like a social media follow or demographic information that informs your future marketing efforts. While some entrants will bail once they don’t win, others will decide the giveaway offer is one worth paying for.

How to create it:

If you don’t want to draw a winner manually, a tool like Rafflecopter or Woobox can host your contest, collecting entries through social media actions in addition to entry forms.


In the next article we will finish exploring a the remaining different types of keap lead magnets that one can utilize to maximize the lead growth and consistency.

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