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Types of Keap Lead Magnets

There are many different types of keap lead magnets you can utilize to consistently maximize your customer growth. Your keap lead magnet should do more than collect email addresses. It should also offer just as much benefit for your prospective lead. Lead magnets can consist of content, a freebie, experience, or valuable information. Today we are going to discuss a few content intensive lead magnets and continue to expand on more lead magnets in future articles. Here are seven content ideas for lead magnets to use in your business.


E-book or guide

Create a guide or e-book that helps prospects understand a specific topic related to a problem your company can solve. Content helps illustrate your company’s expertise while providing the information prospects need to make an educated purchase. Create it as a PDF to ensure readers can’t make accidental changes and that the design and fonts remain consistent across devices.

How to create it:

Use a tool like Canva to design an e-book with free photos and graphics. (If it doesn’t need to look pretty? Simply convert a Microsoft Word document into a PDF.) For help with writing, consider hiring a freelancer from services like Upwork or


Starting a new endeavor—like working with your company—might involve a to-do list for prospective customers. Help with the homework by creating a downloadable checklist that educates them on the tasks ahead. A completed checklist can help in your sales process, too. For example, a financial planner could offer a checklist that outlines documents to prepare and goals to identify before the initial consultation.

Cheat sheet

Got a list of tips worth saving for future reference? Compile them into a cheat sheet that can serve as a preview of your services or the downloadable companion to another content piece. For example, a nutrition specialist could offer a cheat sheet about calorie counts, meal timing, and healthy snack ideas that prospects could save and reference on a regular basis

Case study

No matter how compelling your website and marketing materials are, some prospective customers will always wonder, “But how would you help someone like me?” Show them through a case study on one or some of your customers.

Describe in detail how the customer solved a problem by working with your company, including any pertinent statistics that illustrate her success. Create a PDF or video requiring an email address to download, then follow up to ask for questions and feedback.

White paper

You’re an expert in your field. Prove it to prospects by creating a downloadable white paper, an in-depth report on an issue facing your industry. Isn’t that an e-book, you ask? A white paper is more detailed and research-oriented—the marketing equivalent of an academic paper. Use this lead magnet if your goal is presenting yourself as a subject-matter expert while helping prospects understand a complex topic.


A good quiz is irresistible. When asked engaging, thought- provoking questions, people can’t help but click until they reach their results. That’s why a quiz is also an effective lead magnet. With a hosted quiz, participants must enter an email address to see the outcome. Not only are quizzes fun, they can also be educational for you and your prospects when they help both parties learn whether your company is the right fit. The answers from quizzes can assist your sales people by providing valuable qualifying information without having to ask.

How to create it:

Use a platform like like LeadQuizzes or Qzzr to create a custom quiz that also captures email addresses.


If your product or service could benefit from visual learning, shoot a video showing your top tips, a tutorial, or a demonstration of what you do. Videos also introduce prospects to you and your staff, helping you build a relationship as you encourage them to become customers. To make a video into a lead magnet, use a hosting platform that captures email addresses, or send prospects a link to the video after they request it.

How to create it:

Use a tool like Animoto to turn photos and video clips into professional-looking videos. By uploading them to a video hosting platform like Wistia, you can control where your videos are watched and capture email addresses from viewers.



In the next article we will explore a few other different types of keap lead magnets that one can utilize to maximize the lead growth and consistency.

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