Experience Growth with Keap Leads Magnets



The customer journey from start to finish will include exposure to your business and send them down an information gathering path.  By providing a positive experience or interactive information you can expand a leads potential for a long-term relationship by active engagement. Keap Leads magnets can consist of content, a freebie, experience, or valuable information. Today we are going to discuss the experience and informative lead magnets that engage customers. Here are seven final experiences and informative ideas to enact as lead magnets to grow your business.

Free consultation

For service-based businesses, the relationship with a new customer might begin with a little free advice. An accountant might offer a free consultation, a personal trainer can provide a free one-on-one session, and a digital marketing firm could perform a free website audit. In each case, keap leads allows the prospect learns something from the company—but he’ll have to become a paying customer in order to make lasting improvements.

Free event

Some products and services are best sold in person. Invite potential customers to sign up for a free event, like a class, seminar, or open house. If your business doesn’t naturally lend itself to related events, host a social outing like a happy hour or dinner where you can start getting to know your prospects.

Free trial

The best way to experience something new is simply to try it. Give prospective customers a shot, whether you’re a gym offering a free class or a subscription service offering the first month free. Consider following up at the end of the trial with a time-sensitive offer that encourages the prospect to commit to more.


If prospective customers need to see a demonstration to understand the potential of your products or services, ask for an email address before you show them how it’s done in a screen-sharing call, video, or interactive experience.

Gated information

You likely have information all customers need to see before they buy, like pricing or a schedule. Rather than display it on your website for all to see, consider “gating” it so that prospects must enter an email address to access the information. This move might discourage casual browsers from becoming buyers—but if you’re looking to weed out unqualified prospects, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Work samples

1In some businesses, prospects will want to check out your previous work before deciding whether to become a client. Create a collection of your best stuff—whether it involves photos, presentations, or content—combined with testimonials from former clients, and make it available for downloading in exchange for an email address.

Printed materials

Got a book, brochure, catalog, or other printed item best experienced offline? Ask for email addresses in addition to mailing addresses, then follow up via email to see what thoughts and questions your prospects have after receiving the materials.

Keap Lead Magnets to Succeed

Attracting leads to your website is great; capturing their information is even better. But most prospects who visit your website won’t give you their email addresses just because you want them. Prospects are more willing to share their contact information if they receive something in return, like a piece of content, a discount, or an experience.

These Keap lead magnets serve as the bridge between attracting leads and converting them into customers. A lead magnet allows you to further introduce yourself to your prospects and follow up with the kind of information, questions, and offers that encourage them to buy.

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