Be Magnetic with Keap Pro Leads



Everyday, prospective customers visit your website. You spent plenty of time and money getting them there, between your web development, design, advertising, social media, search engine optimization, and outreach efforts.  But how are you able to be consistent and Keap the leads that are driven to your website?

The leads you worked so hard to attract are now clicking around your website, thinking about whether to become a customer of your company.

And then, many of them vanish without a trace. If those website visitors don’t turn into buyers, you may never know who they are, how to contact them, and what you could have done to follow up and earn their business.

That’s why it’s important not only to attract leads but also to capture them—ideally, by using a keap leads magnet.


Lead Like a Keap Pro Magnet

A lead magnet is an offer compelling enough that a prospect would provide her contact information in order to receive it. It could be a piece of content (like this e-book—a lead magnet about, yes, lead magnets). Or it could be a free trial, a discount, an entry to a contest, or any other offer that your prospective customers would find valuable.

Lead magnets are a win-win for your company and your prospective customers. A lead magnet assists prospects with the problem that brought them to your business, whether it’s a tutorial video that helps them develop a skill, a quiz that helps them determine what to buy, or a sample of a product they want to experience before purchasing.

And in return, your company receives a prized possession: access to the email inbox.


Email Magnets

Getting contact information allows you to start the conversation that can turn a stranger into a customer and fan of your business. The real value of the lead magnet is in the follow-up, just as it is in networking. It’s great to meet people at an event, but the relationship can only continue if you get their business cards—and then actually call or email.

But if you emailed the lead magnet to each prospect individually and later followed up with them one-by-one, those tasks could start to consume your day. That’s why lead magnets are used most effectively and efficiently when paired with marketing automation software.


Score More Magnetically

Lead scoring, a feature in Keap Pro’s CRM software, helps you determine whether a prospect is ready to talk to sales.

A tool like Keap, which combines marketing automation with customer relationship management (CRM), allows you to deliver and follow up on lead magnets without having to think about doing so. When a prospect completes a form on your website to request the lead magnet, the software automatically sends the asset via email—while also storing the information on the prospect’s CRM contact record for future reference.

In the following days, the software can then send automated emails in which “you” ask prospect for her thoughts and questions. Meanwhile, the software tracks her behavior, recording which emails she opened and links she clicked— allowing you to evaluate her interest and determine your next move.

Keap leads and help any small business that can use a lead magnet to capture leads, especially with the added help of automation. In future posts we’ll explore how to choose a lead magnet offer, share twenty ideas for lead magnets, and explain how automation can help you convert those new leads into customers.

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