3 Steps to Choosing a Keap Lead Magnet


As discussed in the previous post, creating a lead magnet can be time consuming.  It can also require some creative input on a few fronts.  However, before you start writing, filming, speaking, or offering, consider these three steps.  They will strategically create a keap lead magnet that helps you convert leads into customers.


Define your Keap Lead target Audience

Who are you trying to attract with a lead magnet? The answer shouldn’t be “everyone.” Just like a real magnet, lead magnets should both attract and repel. Your lead magnet should target your ideal customer, not anyone who happens to come across it.

Attempting to sell someone who isn’t qualified for your business only results in wasted time and effort for both of you. A real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes could attract leads with a guide called “10 Steps to Selling Your Home”. But a guide called “10 Steps to Selling a Million-Dollar Home” would produce leads that are much more qualified for her services.

For help homing in on your ideal customer, stay tuned for our next Keap Lead post to follow!

Think of a compelling offer

Think about what would compel your prospect to give away his email address. The chance to get more marketing emails isn’t exactly a rare opportunity. The prospect will more likely sign up for your lead magnet if they see it can help solve problems. Write down a list of common customer questions, then brainstorm ideas for various types of lead magnets that answer those questions.


Keap Lead and Plan your follow up

A prospect downloads your lead magnet. Then what? Don’t simply hope she decides to buy. How you follow up on a lead magnet and what you offer should be part of your strategy from the beginning.

Your lead magnet should guide people toward a product or service you’re selling—eventually, anyway. The nature of lead magnets depends on business and the buying journey of your customers. This takes into consideration the time, money, and information they need to buy.  Keap Pro can help with this journey every step of the way freeing up valuable time.

Businesses with a short buyer’s journey might offer a lead magnet like a promo code or a free trial. Something that quickly inspires prospects to become customers. But when the buyer’s journey involves weeks or months, it’s better to offer an educational lead magnet.  This can be like a piece of content, then push the prospect to make a decision.

For example, a prospect considering a yoga studio might only need to experience one free class before purchasing a package of classes. But someone considering a six-month diet and fitness program—a purchase involving more time, money, and research—might benefit from educational guides or videos that help her understand whether the program is right for her.

Keap and Lead like a Pro

Attracting leads to your website is great; capturing their information is even better. But most prospects who visit your website won’t give you their email addresses just because you want them. Prospects are more willing to share their contact information if they receive something in return, like a piece of content, a discount, or an experience.

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