Keap Pro Pricing – How much does Keap cost?

Typically Keap Pro starts at $159 per month (1500 contacts and 2 users).
For a Limited Time – get 50% for the first 2 months and reduced pricing for a lifetime!
Get 2500 Contacts, 2 Users, Expert Coaching Session + Campaign Bundles (FREE)

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Keap Reviews:

Keap Pro Pricing

What is Keap?

You can configure Keap Pro CRM to carry out thousands of hours of what would be manual labor in marketing, emailing, texting , invoicing, appointment booking and more. Learn how you can automate your business and your sales process. You can actually save money on labor costs and free up your time by implementing automation by Keap Pro. We are a certified Keap Partner, and we can offer discounted pricing you would not see anywhere else. Please check out our current promotion for Keap Pro Pricing below (our promos change monthly.)

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How to Use Keap?


The Power of Email & Text Automation


Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Our easy client database software improves organization, increases efficiency, and delights your clients every step of the way.


More than 85% of SMS/text messages are read within 10 minutes. Keap’s updated messaging feature eliminates the guesswork, helps you stay organized and allows for timely response to client needs.


With Appointments, sending a link is all it takes. Your clients pick an available time to meet while you move on with your day.

Sales Pipeline

Keap CRM and pipeline management help you keep track of leads, get organized, and easily move prospects through the pipeline.

Marketing Automation

Spend less time copy and pasting messages, manually following up with leads and clients, and more time meeting and serving your clients. Automate your marketing, sales and data entry with Keap.


Invoices & Payments

Accept credit cards, send invoices, and track who’s paid in the app.

Want to Start a Free 14 Day Trial?

Wish you had eight arms? Us too. That’s why we built Keap. Our CRM and sales and marketing tools help you get more done with less work so you can grow your business.

How Automation Converts to Paying Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add multiple users or more contacts later?

Both Keap and Infusionsoft pricing plans include 1 user license and 500 contacts. Additional users can be purchased for $30/month. If you need more contacts, they can be added to any package:

Additional Contacts
Monthly Cost
1,000 | $30
5,000 | $130
10,000 | $200
25,000 | $300
50,000 | $350

How can you offer such cheap pricing on Keap Pro?

We are a certified partner with Keap, so we have available discounted pricing that we offer exclusively to all of our clients in need of an advanced CRM. This pricing is now open to you as well. 

What is a contact?

A contact is a single person you have recorded in your account. Think of one email address being one contact. Keap lets you store valuable information about the contact’s phone number, email, address, and more. You can also keep a history of all meetings, payments, quotes, conversations, emails, and logged notes.

What is a user?

A user is someone who has authority to access the Keap software via their own username and password. Users can be managed via an admin account. Keap pricing plans include one user license. Additional users can be purchased for only $30/month.

Do you charge for emails or limit the number of emails I can send each month?

Keap emails are free and unlimited for everyone. They are your first best step toward personal, powerful communication. Unlimited emails are also a great way to nurture leads, generate revenue, and inform customers.

Does Keap offer an all-in-one invoicing and payment option?

Centralized billing can also be handled by Keap as an all-in-one payment and invoicing tool. Because the payment feature is already built into the app, business owners just need to connect their bank accounts. We offer flat rate pricing to serve the global market with our portfolio of payment processors,including PayPal, Stripe, and WePay.

Is Keap secure?

What is Expert Coaching?

To ensure all Keap users get the maximum value from their investment, we require new users to enroll in the coaching program that best aligns with their business needs. Our expert coaching combines one-on-one coaching, daily training webinars, and everyday support. You and your coach will design a personalized plan to reach your most important goals.

Is the free trial limited in any way?

No. When using our free trial, you’ll have access to every feature, allowing you to explore the full functionality of your chosen package. This 14-day free trial doesn’t require a credit card.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. (Ideally, you’ll never want to). Just remember to initiate your cancellation request at least 10 days prior to the next invoice date. This request should be initiated verbally through a Keap representative.

Is a credit card required for a free trial?

No credit card required for our free trial. Give it a try. We’ll just ask a few simple questions on the online form and you can find out firsthand how Keap helps you get more done with less work.

How does Keap ease the client billing and payment process?

Centralized billing can also be handled by Keap as an all-in-one payment and invoicing tool. Because the payment feature is already built into the app, business owners just need to connect their bank accounts and pay a flat, low fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for each transaction.

What if I need help?

We offer extensive online and call-in support. You can also email us anytime.

How much is Infusionsoft by Keap Pro CRM?

Keap has a plan for every stage of your company’s business growth. The Keap Max (Infusionsoft) price starts at $199/mo and Keap Pro is $129/mo.

You can expect a strong return on your initial investment. For example, there’s an average 44% return of investment (ROI) on email marketing with Infusionsoft. Plus, Infusionsoft’s powerful CRM keeps an accurate record of your customer interactions. So, when you consider pricing, also consider the ultimate benefit: one Infusionsoft customer reported a 310% increase in profit, while growing revenue by 832%.

#1 all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing automation platform

More Keap Reviews from Actual Business Owners:

Bryce Henderson, Real Estate Agent and Keap Customer

  • Real Estate, Four Peaks Realty

Step up to all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software

“Before Keap, I was doing everything myself, the software has allowed me to step away from that role and focus on getting new business. I would definitely recommend Keap. The onboarding and the whole software is great, it’s helped me expand my business and I know it would expand yours too.”

Bobbi Jo Thuet, Owner of Light Align and Keap Customer

  • Holistic health and wellness service

Bring order to your small business

“My life before Keap was really unorganized. I’d get hundreds of texts, phone calls, and e-mails a day. With Keap I can set up reminders and tasks and link them to the contact… it’s been amazing. The phone app is so convenient to me because I’m always on the move and at my fingertips just by click of the app I have all the information I need to conduct a session with a client with just me and my phone and the Keap app. “

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